Theme Features

Purista is a minimalist theme that keeps things as simple as possible. It focuses on simplicity, ease of use, and speed so that your content can take center stage, instead of some flashy and unnecessary design.

Below are a few built-in options and features that make Purista so clean and friendly:

Multiple Built-In Color Schemes

The Purista theme has ten gorgeous color schemes built right in, so you can pick your favorite or switch between them with one click of a button.

Click on a color to see a screenshot:

Optimized for Mobile

Purista is responsive to any screen size, so your content looks fantastic on any device. Try it out now by resizing your browser window or visiting on your mobile device.

Mobile Friendly

Featured Images

Every page or post has the option of a featured image (example). Capture your readers’ attention, or add some flair to any page with a beautiful featured image that is automatically scaled to fit the screen at any size.

Featured Image Example

A Consistent Call-to-Action On Every Page

Use the “Bottom CTA” widget to add a consistent call-to-action on every page (such as an email signup form). You can hide the call to action on any page.

Example Call-To-Action

Hide the Sidebar

If you want a page or post to appear full-width, just disable the sidebar on that page. It’s as simple as clicking a checkbox!

Post/Page Options

Comments Section

Keep the conversation civil with this optional disclaimer. You can customize it with whatever you text you’d like, all from the theme settings page.



Multi Column Text

Make your content stand out with built-in multi column support. Just go to any post or page, and select “Dual Column Text” in the “Post/Page Options” box.

To see an example of how it looks, check out this multi-column page example.

When you use multi-column layout, make sure you break up your content every few paragraphs with an <hr> or <h2>/<h3> tag so that it is readable. Aim for about what would fit on one screen at a time.

Multiple Columns Example

Automatic Drop Caps

Make your content look elegant and professional with a drop cap at the beginning of your post. Turn it off easily in the “Post/Page Options” panel that is always available.

For an example of how it looks, check out this drop cap example.

Drop Cap Example

Clean and Polished

You’ll notice little things sprinkled here and there that make Purista a pleasure to use. From the styling of the horizontal rule to the ability to turn on and off the Admin Bar, its the little (and simple) things that make it simple and intuitive to use.

See A Full Example

For a working example of all these features, check out the site that started and inspired it all: